Is switching from http to https going to break anything?

  • Anonymous


    I am going to get a dedicated IP which also means that I have to get SSL and it will change my url from http to https is this going to have any bad effects that I should be aware of and prepare for?


    Syahir Hakim


    You can really only find out when you try it. Having a dedicated IP does not necessarily mean you have to get SSL. I would suggest as a start that you don’t make https compulsory, ie. don’t redirect people accessing your site via http to https. When it’s all stable and you’re satisfied that everything is good, then you can make that switch.



    Hi and thanks. I was with Hostgator and they told me that to get a dedicated IP that I had to buy SSL which I really did not want. As you also confirm I found out that with some hosts you do not have to buy SSL to get a dedicated IP so I just transferred all my hosting to Namecheap and now have dedicated IP without SSL!

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