Is it possible to show post date in slider?

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    Hi Graphene team,

    for using the slider on the start page (with thumbnail and text), I would like to have the post date shown with every post (so that visitors are aware that those are recent posts and not “old stuff”). Is there any possibility to do so?

    And is there a possibility to change the text of the “Full article” (don’t know exactly what it says on this button in English as I have the German version) link button in the slider?

    Thank you for your help!




    Add this to child-theme functions.php

    function date_in_graphene_slider() {
    echo '<span class="slider-post-date">Posted on: '.get_the_date().'</span>';

    You can use get_the_date() function with WP PHP widget and Graphene Action Hooks as well.



    Hi Prasanna SP,

    I tried it via Action Hook and PHP widget and it works in terms of editing a date, but the get_the_date gives out a wrong post date. I tried get_the_time as well, same problem. Do you have any idea where this results from?





    Try using the_time().

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