Is it possible to insert Google Adsense Add Code in Header Section?

  • ahmed



    I am willing to insert Google adsense code (728 by 90) in Graphene header section in right side alighment. is it possible to enter Google adsense code in graphene header section? Do let me know please.





    I would add an action hook…

    Admin panel -> Graphene options -> “Advanced” tab -> Action Hook Widget Areas

    Once here… click the header.php file… then check the “graphene_container_before” box.

    Now.. go to your widget area in your admin panel.. where you will have a new widget box… called something like “graphene_container_before_dynamic_widget”.

    Finally… add a textbox in the newly created widget area… and insert your code for Google Adsense into the text widget.

    Lastly… you may want to add some css to position it to your liking.




    Hey Josh

    Thanks for your great suggestion. Probably I didn’t able to draw exact problem. I am willing to insert Google ad-sense add (728 by 90) within the header image along with my website logo. How could I do this. I am giving an image as reference and I would like to do as same as below image. thanks in advance.




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