Is it possible to increase the size of the text that appears in the header area?

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    Is it possible to increase the size and change the font of the text that appears in the header area of my Graphene website? I think the words “Pengaron Mediation Services Ltd” and the following strapline would benefit from being bigger: At the moment, I can only alter the wording and the colour of the text. Please note that I don’t know much about computer language!

    Thank you in advance




    Hi Helene,

    You can adjust the size, font, style, weight and height of your header description by doing the following:

    Go to your admin panel, click Appearance => Graphene Options => “Display” Tab => Text Style Options.

    Under “Header Text”, you will find the title text and the description text. Adjust them to your liking.




    Thanks Josh. I had previously tried your suggestion above and it didn’t seem to save. When I revisited the admin panel after reading your comment, I realised that when I chose the font size I simply put in a number and I should have also added a unit, eg pt. It then saved fine. The only problem is that the new header description and the strapline are a bit low down ( Is it possible to centre these vertically please?




    Add this to your custom css section in graphene options:

    .header_title {
    top: 55px;
    .header_desc {
    top: 55px;

    You can adjust those top sizes to suit your preferences.

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