Is it possibe to have a secong blog type page ?

  • Anonymous


    I have my regular blog page but I would like to also have a page called “Reviews” where I review products but just show snippets like the blog does, Is there a way to do that?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You could do “Reviews” as a category and just link to that category archive.



    I’m not sure I follow you Ken. Would I do the reviews as their own separate page and categorize them as “Reviews” and link to them from where?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Every single tag, category, year, month, and day has its own archive page in WordPress. So you could use the category reviews, and then just link to that category.

    Here’s a link to to a category archive (“WordPress”) on my blog:

    As you can see, Graphene makes use of Category descriptions (a much underused feature by most WordPress users, if you ask me), so it can almost be like a “sub-blog” within your blog if you link to it.



    Thanks Ken I still don’t quite grasp it yet but I will! I’ll play around with this on my blog



    Hey Ken I implemented this on my site and it works just the way I want thanks for the tip. BTW I love you website you are an IT wizard!

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