Is it ok if I update the Swedish translation?

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    The translation of Graphene into Swedish contains several phrases, which seem to be machine-translated.

    I may spend a few hours, updating the translation.

    Just wanted to check that nobody else is up to the same thing, just to avoid parallel work.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi TobiF,

    I am not aware of any other person working on the Swedish translation at the moment. So go ahead and update it!



    Thanks. I expect to deliver update po+mo within 1 week.



    You can pick up the result at

    Please let me know when I can delete the file from this temporary location.



    Syahir Hakim


    I’ve downloaded the language files, thanks!

    Would you like to be involved in translating the theme into Swedish for future updates? If you do, join the Graphene Theme Developers, Testers, and Translators group, and you’ll receive notifications when a new development version is available for testing/translation.

    Also, let me know your website’s URL so that I can link back to you in the theme’s page.




    I’ve joined the group, thanks.

    I liked this theme, so I think I’ll migrate a couple of sites I’m dealing with, to Graphene.

    I’ll keep an eye on the Swedish translation. (I could follow up on the Russian, too, unless it’s already well maintained.)

    Oh, for the future, whenever there’s a number involved, rather than having the logic in your code to split between /one/ vs. /more than one/, throw this task at ngettext instead. This would allow correct handling of plurals in Russian and several other languages, where plurals are handled in a more complex way than in English and other Germanic and Roman languages.

    Sample usage:

    printf (ngettext ("one file removed", "%d files removed", n), n);

    (It looks a bit funny, since you need to send the numeral to both printf and ngettext.)

    There are some more pecularities to be found in the manual.

    Do you happen to know if Graphene integrates well with BuddyPress and Qtranslate?

    My website is


    Syahir Hakim


    I actually used ngettext() initially when I first prepared the theme for public release. I remember I encountered some problem getting it to work properly with WordPress, POEdit, and the GNU gettext package. It’s the comments_number() function which uses % comments instead of %d comments.

    Anyways, I’ll take a look at it again.

    Currently, there’s no integration effort yet between Graphene and BuddyPress, and as far as I know Qtranslate uses shortcodes to mark contents in different languages, so it should work. The only multilingual plugin that’s confirmed compatible with Graphene so far is WPML. I am now currently working on bbPress 2.0 (plugin version) compatibility, for the next update.

    I’m not sure how up to date is the Russian translation, though. If you’re willing to help maintain it, you’re welcomed to do so 🙂



    When I first encountered a couple of ngettext entries in poedit, it took some time to find out what I was expected to do, so you have my full understanding. Every time I adapt a package to Swedish, I’m so grateful that the plurals are roughly handled the same way as in English. (as long as you don’t hardcode an appended ‘s’ to the end of the word.)

    I’ll check how well BuddyPress and Graphene mix together. Today, on I simply use twenty-ten with the BP-compatibility pack. So I’ll try to modify Graphene with the same package.

    I’ll have a look at the Russian translation of Graphene, as well, at least to check the current status.



    The Russian translation looks much better. But it’s for v 1.4, I’ve started updating it. (appr 150 new or changed phrases.)


    Syahir Hakim



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