• Oliver



    I have had this error since I installed Neo.

    All Neo functions and sub items works on android but not on Iphones?

    The sub items is not click able on Iphones. It is not possible to navigate on the website.

    I notice this is a problem only on IPhones.

    Is this a Java script error?



    Am I the only one who has problems with iphones? A Danish mobile company has this information on it`s website, that iPhones does not support Flash or Java.

    Any Idea how to solve this problem?


    Kenneth John Odle

    iPhones does not support Flash or Java

    It is true that iPhones do not support Flash. I’m not sure about JavaScript.



    Hi Kenneth and thanks for responding 🙂

    iPhone users must activate this, it is not activated by default.

    I think, maybe if it was possible if neo registered if a java script is not enabled, so the user could get a message about doing this.



    I finally solved the problem by inserting a small message in the cookie policy popup, which all look at, when they enter the website. A nice and easy solution, which I like

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