iPhone Safari Web App allows links to open outside webapp leaving web app

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    site is iwantgreatblank.com


    Currently not using a mobile theme or plugin or mobile detector.

    I am a novice at all this but trying to make it look ok on both iphones ad droids.

    1. What i want to see is –>Menu Buttons & text to grow Wider & Taller – handier for mobile use.

    2. Would like to know how to Make MENU expand or contract based on # OR size of menu items across header parent menu

    3. How to make the Menu Buttons diff Colors & TexT & diff colors on hover.

    4. How to remove lines or shades on main body of pages

    1. This is what i see –> i Gap at top above header below wp bar across top.

    2. What i want to see is –> No Gap

    Thanks in Advance

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