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    Here’s one for you, not sure how I did this though, my slider is active and all the links are in the right place (i.e. top left, bottom right for the “View full post” button and three in the bottom center) but all I see is gray background at:

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated by the Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch and all comments, concerns, or questions are welcome.



    I just found that it may be a plugin conflict since it reappeared when I disabled all plugins. I tried that before when one of the other threads, about importing from Blogger, mentioned that the slider works on JavaScript and thought it may be a result of deactivating the JavaScript library for Wp-TableReloaded but it did not reappear. I’ll do the old “Reactivate one plugin at a time” test and let everyone know if I find any conflicts.



    Bad news guys, unfortunately it appears to be a direct conflict with the new “All-In-One Event Calendar” plugin. The Lite version played nice with the slider but, when AIOEC came out with their new full version on Monday, they dropped support for the Lite version, giving me a server error, and the forced upgrade killed our slider

    Any ideas for a work around or comparable quality calendar? We really need one to list our Block Watch meetings :o)



    Same !!!

    Someone please help


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