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    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s our fault. They will continue to use it as long as we provide support/hack for IE. We should encourage them to use a better browser like Firefox or Chromium..

    True. Which is why I have a “Check Your Browser” text widget on my blog. (I’ve got to update that with some PHP that checks the browser version.)

    Instead, we want to make our sites look “Presentable” across browsers. I don’t think you are going to lose tons of traffic because your footer background is blue, instead of gradient blue, for example.

    Also very true. All of my websites and blogs are viewable in IE, but I don’t go out of my way to make them appear as they do in FF. I do go out of my way to educate my readers about their choice in browsers. Quite frankly, a lot of people don’t know that there are other browsers out there besides the IE that comes bundled with Windoze.



    I’ve got to update that with some PHP that checks the browser version.

    I love it!!



    I’ve got to update that with some PHP that checks the browser version.

    I have developed one. Do you want it’s source code? It is not yet released under GPL and it contains my Firefox affiliate link. 🙂

    John McCubbin


    i will probably just drop the gradient



    You can probably use the link below to generate a css which will be compatible across browsers. But you’ll need to enter it via custom css for the element you want to style with the gradient.

    John McCubbin


    this has almost worked and the first part i can fix by dropping the gradient from the menu but

    1) the menu is broken with the gradient on IE and

    2)how do you get the gradient to work on IE in the widgets/slider

    John McCubbin


    the first part also seems to work when i remove: , #header-menu-wrap but then the colour doesn’t span the whole menu

    John McCubbin


    can anyone advise me what to do or should i just leave gradients out of the menu



    I just opened your site in IE and I can see the gradient. It spans from left to right, from a darker blue to a lighter blue.

    John McCubbin


    yes and thanks for the link to the compatible gradients but it has broken my dropdown menu in IE im wondering either how to fix this or if i should just leave it. it works when , #header-menu-wrap but then it doesnt span whole menu

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