Internet Explorer Causing Problems with Header – Top Gradient and Active Menu Item

  • foxhunter


    I know IE sucks, but 30% of my visitors still use it. Here is what is happening:

    1. Active Menu Bar item is dark blue or almost purple when hovered or selected, but only on Menu 1. Menu 2 is fine and has the actual color I have selected.

    I tried using a gradient but that just went to hell. Had to select #ddd for top and bottom to get the purple, which is the best I can get so far.

    2. The Top Bar background gradient is supposed to go from top to bottom, but IE reads and displays it from Left to Right. Anyone else seeing this? Any fix here? Its passable, but does not look that good and shouldn’t be happening.

    Anyone seen these before and have fixes?


    Kenneth John Odle

    Anyone seen these before

    Yes. IE is shameless in its lack of support for gradients.

    and have fixes?

    Most folks around here are not keen on IE, but there have been a few IE patches mentioned in the last few months. If you search diligently, I’m sure you’ll find them, but I’m not sure how helpful they will be to this particular situation.

    Best fix? Dump IE.

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