Instead of website name in URL: IP is displayed?

  • Groca


    Hello everybody,

    a wonderfull new year from Germany 🙂 last time you helped me very well, thank you very much!

    My Site is, I moved it with the plugin “BackWPup” and plugin “Duplicator” from localhost to web, it works very well.

    But: Unfortunately, I have a problem with which I have been fighting for days and not get stuck:

    instead of the website name is in the URL of the browser always the IP and the path displayed (http://IP/path/to/WP, please have a look: After use of the plugin “Duplicator” should it be But it is not.

    installer.php can be accessed via, only when calling the Permalinkoptions a white page is displayed, which still contains the old path with the IP in the source code?

    Sorry, but I would be really grateful for help, many thanks in advance!



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