Installing updated Graphene theme

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    Hi I am a relative newcomer to WordPress so apologies if this has been covered before. I am using Graphene which I really like – very easy to use, and have a child theme installed thanks to a great download from Prasanna.

    My question is at some point the current Graphene theme will be updated and I want to know the procedure to install the update. Do I need to reactivate the parent Graphene theme, install the update then reactivate the child theme again?




    You don’t have to reactivate the parent theme in order to update it. When WordPress notifies you of the available theme update, just go to updates page and hit update button. You may download the theme settings in theme options page before updating. It helps to roll back if anything goes wrong (in a very unlikely event) after updating the theme.



    Okay, thanks for your help it’s much appreciated.

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