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    J’ai volontairement écrit en Français car je parle français et je voudrais une réponse claire, simple et compréhensible. Je suis une grande débutante dans le bloging et dans wordpress.

    Ma question: comment bien installer mon Logo sur l’en-tête de mon blog( ?




    Kenneth John Odle


    Appearance >> Header


    I must tell everybody i’ve tried many things before writing this post on the forum.

    I’ve done Appearance >> Header

    and then ?

    Thanks for your help



    Syahir Hakim


    There is no separate option for header image and logo. You would need to incorporate your logo into your header image if you want your logo to appear in the header.

    Or you can also use the Header Widget Area and place your logo manually that way.



    The problem is in fact the size: 960X90 is aa wrong size for my logo.

    How mus I do ?





    You need to delete the 960×90 header image and then separately … in another part of the dashboard, install your logo.

    When you are at appearance > header the only thing you can do there is select “remove header image”. You cannot upload your logo here UNLESS it is 960×90 or you have built another image which is 960×90.

    In nearly all cases you will need to install your logo image separately in a header widget area.

    Here is some advice about installing adsense text in the graphene header you can see here what you need to do to set up the header widget:

    You can also search and find some info about activating the straight ‘header’ widget area.

    You can search and find how to write the HTML code to display your logo and put that in the text widget which you can place in the header.

    You can also consider installing an image widget which I have just learned about here:

    I am just learning this myself and working my way down from the top I have found this header area a bit complicated for a simple edit.


    thanks Ruby !

    I am trying to get a wgriht logo

    i close this dicussion even if my problem is not solved

    Thanks everybody

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