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    Is it possible to insert an image to the left of the header in the Graphene theme? Not actually in the header but in that empty space between the header and the edge of the webpage?




    Sure it is. However, please post questions like these into the Support forum as it will get many more voices and much faster response rates.

    There are a few different ways, actually. The easiest would be to go to your Graphene options panel, under the “Advanced” tab, and in the action hooks menu.

    Click “header.php” and choose “graphene_header”, and save. Now, go to your widget menu, and you will see you have a new widget area labeled “Graphene Header”. Move a text widget over to that area. Inside the text widget, insert your image html code. Something like:


    Next, if positioning is needed, use Firebug or it’s equivalent to inspect the area, and you can adjust it’s positioning using custom CSS.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Housecleaning moved this to Support.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can also try this post from a while ago:

    That will help you style it, using Josh’s suggestion.




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