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    I am the administrator and only writer for a soccer blog. I log into wordpress and then I’m able to use the dashboard and post articles/posts. When I post posts there is no name appearing after the “by:” which appears at the top right of the post. I’d like to have my name appear there instead of inserting By: so and so in the actual text box. All of my posts have the By: So and So written into the text box and there is nothing after the “by” in the top corner of the post. Can I be the administrator and the principal author and still log in with my wordpress password and username? How to I have my name automatically appear as the author of my posts?



    This is more of a support question. Please post in the “Support” section of the forum; your question will be answered MUCH more quickly over there.

    You should have a “User” page for your admin account. This can be found under “Users” in your admin page. Click on your admin name, and in the next window, look under the “Name” section.

    See where it says “Display name publicly as”? This is the name that will be added to posts when they are created.

    Please let me know if this doesn’t help you.

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