Infinite scroll for comments doesn't work autumatically

  • 007me



    In version 1.9 infinite scroll for comments doesn’t work automatically.

    It show a button that says: “fetch more comments”.

    Is this how it should work?

    Cause for posts it work automatically.



    Yes, you have to press “fetch more comments” button to load more comments. No automatic loading of comments.



    Ok, thanks. But when I click it comments are not fetched even that I have300 and more comments on that page.

    It’s in Hebrew but you can see it here:


    Syahir Hakim


    This is a limitation in the Infinite Scroll script that we’re using, in that in can only fetch the “next” page, and not “previous” page, which technically is how WordPress linked to the older comments when you have the comments displayed in reverse chronological order.

    I’ve dug deeper into the code and modified it to include that use case. It will be working in the next update.



    Thanks for this update Syahir.

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