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    I’m using wordpress with graphene-theme as a CMS for our (new) school homepage and it works very fine! Thank you for this great theme which hits nearly all our wishes after trying a lot of other themes. Great Job!

    BUT :o)

    One big wish is missing: as i can define for pages an image to be used as an header-image – the same would be nice to have for a category respectively for posts of this category.

    We have individual images for each page. One menu-item named “news” is to be found in the header-menu. This menu-item is a category to list posts of this category. Now it would be fine, to choose an image for the header, which is to be seen, when clicling on this menuitem for this special category and after this when clicking on post of this category.

    I hope you have understood, what I want to say … :o)

    Thanks a lot!

    Greetings form Nuremberg/Germany



    Kenneth John Odle


    You should be able to manage this via custom CSS. See this post from a year ago:




    thank you for your advise, but it doesn’t work – but I’m not sure, if I’ve found the correct object?

    In custom-css I’ve made the entry:

    .category-5 #header-img{background: url(/download/header2.jpg) ;

    for changeing content-colors it works, I’ve also tried #header-menu – which put the image as background for the menu – but the header image doesn’t change… – which is the correct object for?

    Thank you for your help

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