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    Dear Syahir,

    first of all: I love your theme. I use it for all my sites.

    It only has one slight annoyance. It comes with PIE v1.0beta3, which doesn’t support IE9. The new PIE v1.0beta5 does support IE9. Could you include this in your next version?

    Of course, you also need to update your theme-head.php (line 384) to enable PIE for IE9:

    * Add the .htc file for partial CSS3 support in Internet Explorer
    function graphene_ie_css3(){ ?>
    <!--[if lte IE 9]>
    <style type="text/css" media="screen">
    #footer, div.sidebar-wrap, .block-button, .featured_slider, #slider_root, #nav li ul, .pie{behavior: url(<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/js/PIE.php);}
    .featured_slider{margin-top:0 !important;}
    add_action( 'wp_head', 'graphene_ie_css3' );

    Currently it states:

    <!--[if lte IE 8]>

    With the current version I need to create a child theme just to load the right version of PIE with the updated code.

    Including this in your next release would be great!

    Yours faithfully,




    Read the thread you posted.

    Of course, IE9/Microsoft is to blame for not supporting/not willing to support yet another industry standard, namely CSS3.

    But 67,8% of my visitors still use IE, with an increasing percentage of IE9 users. Support for gradients in IE9 is available with PIE ( Those guys (and girls) have been working hard to support IE9 in the new beta5 release.

    By updating the included version in the Graphene theme and changing the code fragment I mentioned above, the theme and it’s gradients will also function correctly in IE9.


    Syahir Hakim


    The only issue I have with including PIE for IE9 is the additional file visitors will have to download (and at 40KB it’s a big one). There is also the issue that it causes some elements to have collapsed margin/padding.

    If anything, we’ll be trying to move away from PIE, maybe even phasing it out altogether.

    As for now, IE9 already supports box shadow and border radius, which is two of the major CSS3 features used in the theme. I’ll be adding gradient to IE9 using the DXImage filter, though this will cause the elements it is applied to to no longer have rounded corners, like the block buttons.

    In any case, I’ll be updating the copy of PIE included with the theme to the latest version, but still apply it only to IE 8 and below. If you’d like, you can simply override this by removing the action that prints the conditional comment into the theme head and adding your own.

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