In page mode the add and load media buttons doesn't work

  • torpy


    In Graphene 1.6 several buttons as the add Tag, load media doesn’t work. In page and in post too.

    I use Safari and Firefox.

    I’m a beginner

    Please help me. Thx.




    Click on the Screen Option at the top of the Add New Post window and select everything.

    Hmm.. Can you be more specific?



    Ok Prasanna, the problem is just this: The screen Option sometimes don’t work, and when I insert a tag in my post, the button “add” doesn’t work, I click, click, click but nothing…..and when I choose a file media to insert in my post the button “choose” doesn’t work too.


    There’s a problem on Graphene Theme?



    Hmm.. Don’t know what’s happening there.. Try reinstalling WordPress and Graphene theme.

    If the problem persists,

    1. Check your PC for viruses (If you’re using Windows!)

    2. Check your internet connection

    3. Talk to your host


    Syahir Hakim


    Try deactivating all plugins and see if it works.



    Ok Syahir, I ‘ve resolved deactivating all plug in one step one and I find the killer: “Social Facebook all in one” version 1.0.2. This version don’t work with wordpress and crashes all post and pages.. Finally all it’s right. Thank you very very much.



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