Improve WP3 Navigation Menu Output?

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    Hi Syahir.

    Maybe a Feature request..

    Well, Im trying to make this work in Graphene:

    But Im having some probs. where to place: The Function Call

    I think it looks just great & have a real nice touch 🙂

    And Im thinking about using some of these points:

    “When you are at the Appearance > Menus Site you need to look at the top right and you will notice a “Screen Option” tab. Click it and you will get the option to display several other input fields for each menu item, among them a checkbox to show the description.”




    Just another menu style:



    Syahir Hakim


    Noted Kim. Adding the description seems like a nice option. It’s just that the theme’s menu codes now is a little bit messy. It could surely use a rewrite. I’ll see about doing that in version 1.4.

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