impossible to delete a widget "custom menu"

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    I use your theme and I’m enjoy it. But I have a problem with a widget in the right-sidebar.

    Following a problem with the widget DMSGuestbook, in order to do a test, I wanted to add a custom menu further down my sidebar.

    I managed to insert the widget “custom menu”, but then, no way to configure it! And no way to remove it.

    It’s the same as my custom menu at the top, which is reproduced below, without title! But it ‘s useless to me since this is already up in the sidebar: how to remove this one?

    The “handle” shaped cross which is usually used to move a widget is inactive. I don’t know how to do! Can you help me?



    Click on the widget and delete link will appear. If it doesn’t expand, disable all plugins and try again.



    Thank you for your quick help!

    The link to delete the widget was not active.

    I followed your second advice: I disabled my plugins, and I was finally able to access the link to remove this unwanted widget! 🙂

    For information, that was the widget of DMSGuestbook plugin wich made conflict.

    It’s resolved for me! 🙂

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