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    I am still building my website, which is

    I don’t want borders around my pics. After searching through this forum I found info to put the following in my custom css, so I did.

    .entry-content img{

    It worked to keep the border off one pic which is of a computer on the benefits page. But, it’s not wrapping the text right, I don’t think, because there is that big space between the last paragraph and the list of benefits. How do I fix that?

    Also on all the other pages with pics, if I put a caption the text will wrap, if I don’t put a caption the text will not wrap. How do I fix this? Some pics I want captions and some I don’t.

    I am also having trouble with the pic links. Some pics I want to have a link, some I don’t. And when it does have a link I want it to go directly to the page with the full size photo, but instead it goes to another page with the same size photo, then if I click on the pic on that page it will take me to the full size photo. I need it to skip that extra page, or middle step, whatever you want to call it.

    I appreciate any help, thanks!



    Remember to Insert Code here in Forum between backtick ( ` ) characters.

    I corrected this πŸ™‚

    Have You seen latest Graphene Theme 1.3 today πŸ™‚



    No, I haven’t seen the update. Do I have to do anything before I update?



    Where is the 1.3 update?



    Just read first post here:

    Well, changes in All WordPress Themes Core files will be overwritten,

    when You update the Theme. Always take backup before update, right πŸ™‚

    Graphene Theme 1.3 is ready in WordPress:




    Thank you so much Kim!

    I updated and the pics are better, BUT… it still takes you to another page with the same size photo when you click on the photo. How do I get it to skip that step and just go straight to the full sized photo?

    And how do I get the link off of the photos that I don’t want to have a link?

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, : )



    When You click the photo in post You can change the link to

    the one You like. Find the larger photo link first in Your

    Media directory πŸ™‚




    Got it. Thank you πŸ˜€

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