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    Hi there. I have just entered the world of blogs and I am very fresh on this. I am simply trying to produce a very simple site that basically has lots of pictures on each page, not much more than that. I am simply adding pictures to each page using the ‘add an image’ buttom inside the ‘edit page’. I am also simply adding thumbnails, so that the page would look neat. The problem is that when adding pictures they do do not follow into an order (rows and collumns) but they are all over the place. I tried to fix this moving them individually, but as soon as I do that they disapear from the page and I have to add them again. I also tried to add them using the ‘HTML’ view instead of ‘visual’, but does not make a difference. What am I doing wrong, if anything? and most importantly, how to fix this nagging, but probbaly, simple issue.

    You can see whwta I mean cheking a page on my site following this link:

    I would be grateful to read some views on this. Thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s probably much easier if you use a photo gallery plugin, like the NextGen Gallery.



    Ok, I will have a go with your suggestion. Thanks Syahir and congratulations on your theme, it looks great.



    just done it and in an hour I done the job that took me the whole day yesterday, and with a much more professional and simple look. Great stuff. Thanks a lot.

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