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  • trippingblonde


    I created a new post, and some images are showing and others are not. First time running into this problem with a new post. Old posts recently moved from are having the same problem – some images are showing up, some are not and it’s only intermittent with older posts – sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn’t. An image holder is in the post, and if you click on it, it’ll link you to the full image. The image itself is just not appearing in the blog post. Is this a theme problem or WP.ORG or Bluehost problem? Thanks.



    Hi there,

    I’ve had a look at “Eataly to Chelsea “, “A Day Trip to Napa Valley” and “A Vacation for Adult Muggles”. All of your images are displaying on these posts as they should. Do you have examples of any particular posts that are causing you problems? Would you be willing to post links to those here?





    the problem seems to have resolved itself?!! thank you!

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