Images not displaying on posts and pages



    If I use a featured image, it displays at the top just fine, but since the featured image is often the same as our first image on our main site, I have that disabled now.

    Whether I use the featured image or not, the image I use in the post fails to display. The caption and border are there, but no image. This happens on all of our pages and posts.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Your images are showing up just fine for me here. Did you get this sorted?

    You really should have dates on your posts, btw.


    No, the images still don’t show on my iphone, ipad or in Safari or Firefox on my computer (when set to Graphene mobile)

    I was thinking about adding the dates to my posts – I didn’t do that originally since we recently started our website over from scratch and all the posts had almost the same dates, even though some of them were older news. Do you know a way to force the date in a post to be a previous date?

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