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  • lmkitties


    I’ve read all of the posts detailing the issues with featured images not showing in the slider and have not found the answer to this problem. Featured and first images show in the slider for standard posts and pages but not for Product Pages generated from the WP e-Commerce plugin. My website is


    Kenneth John Odle


    I only see a single page in your slider and it has an image in it.

    Make sure that the images in question have been loaded to your site through the media gallery or the “Add Media” link of the page edit pane.



    In the Options panel, pages 16,61 and 43 are listed in the pages and/or posts to display. Only 16 is showing, which is a standard page. 61 and 43 are Product Pages I have loaded the image both ways. I’ve created new Product Pages and tried loading the images via the media gallery or by adding the media. I have tried it as the first image and as the featured image.


    Syahir Hakim


    What’s the URL to the site?



    Is there any solution to this or is it a problem with the WP e-Commerce plugin?

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