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  • kevryu


    Hi there

    I have a problem, it’s been a few days and I can’t get any of the images on any of my articles.
    Not on my homepage but not even on the article and so I try with the mobile version and there, I’ve got all of them.

    I’ve also try with another theme and it works too.

    So I wanted to know how can I resolve this issue because I was pretty happy with Graphene so far


    Here’s the link of the blog :


    Syahir Hakim


    Something on the site is modifying the sizes of the images to zero width and height when viewed on desktop. Can you try disabling lazy load feature from Jetpack? If that doesn’t solve it, try disable Photon as well just to confirm.



    Thanks for the advice, it was indeed the Lazy Load from Jetpack.

    I tried to disable the Lazy Load plugin that I installed myself and it didn’t work. Now it’s activate again and working as well so Hoorray \o/

    Thanks again

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