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    I’m trying to use an image widget in my sidebar, but I can’t get the image to stretch.

    In other words, the image displays along with a white background, instead of covering the entire width of the widget area.

    I can set the background to transparent, and the box-shadow to 0px, but that still leaves the image un-stretched, too small, and not the right size.

    I tried hard to figure this out on my own, but have spent more than a few days on it already.

    BTW: I’ve a handful of the 3rd party image widget plugins, the new built-in WP image widget, and text widget with img src, but the same result occurs with all of those methods.

    Any suggestions?





    I figured out the correct selectors, edited the margins, and resolved this.

    img.attachment-full {
    max-width: 113%!important;
    margin: -4.3px -16px -14.1px -12.3px;

    That selector applies if you’re using the “Image Widget” plugin. Most people don’t suck at CSS as much as I do, but in case you do, merry xmas!

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