Image widget … where is it?

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    I am a beginner with wordpress so of course also with graphene,

    I have been working hard and have set up a widget area in the header region so I can put in a logo and adsense.

    I want to know how to include the logo.

    The advice I have found after many searches says to include the logo (or other image) it in a text widget.

    However, the wordpress site says there is an image widget here

    I want to include images using this image widget but I can’t find it.

    Can someone tell me where the image widget is?

    I am sorry if this is a simple question I have worked out more complex things on my own but if I can’t find this image widget then no amount of hard work will solve the problem.

    Thank you




    That image widget you mentioned is available in, not self hosted WordPress. Try one of these plugins –

    JetPack has an image widget module, I think..

    Slim JetPack –

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