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  • spaderdabomb


    Hi all, I’m fairly new to website design and such, and I’m struggling to get images into the graphene theme and also having text wrap around the image. My site is here The text won’t wrap underneath the image, it just stays in the table on the right side. I’ve modified each part of the table to align at the top and left.

    Now for the border, I’ve set the table border to be 0 and the image border to be 0, yet there is still a light border around the table. How do I remove this?

    Sorry I am a beginner and I appreciate the help! =)


    Kenneth John Odle


    Don’t use a table for this. Just insert the image and tell it to align left. The text will wrap around this.

    (Specifically, when you tell WP to align the image to the left, it applies a class to the image that floats it to the left, so that text will wrap around it. You’ll see that class if you use Firebug.)



    Ahh thank you! Everything is resolved =)

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