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    I want to include 5 or 6 images to the image slider as a main feature below the header on the home page.


    1. Do I need to make the home page a static page as I do not want multiple posts?

    2. How do I add more than one image to the slider?


    Kenneth John Odle


    1. No. The slider works the same way with or without a static home page.

    2. Create a category for posts called “slider” (or whatever), add a post to that category, and add a featured image to that post. In Graphene slider options, set it to display posts that are only in the “slider” category.

    If all you really want to do, however, is display photos, Graphene’s built-in slider probably isn’t what you’re after, because it’s meant to highlight posts. You may want to disable it and use a slider specifically meant for images (of which there are tons).

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    KJO – Thanks for your response. That is exactly what I want to do. I want to be able to alternate between disabling the slider in Graphene and substituting in a slider designed to display images.

    1) I am sure there are a ton of sliders that do this. Can you recommend 2-3 that work well with Graphene?

    2) How do I get this alternate slider to appear where the Graphene slider normally shows up?

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