Image sizes when I create new posts are not working correctly ?

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    I just noticed this issue and I don’t know why it is happening or how to fix it. I just noticed this …

    Ok so my images sizes are as follows under Media in my dashboard:

    Medium size:

    300 px Medium size Max Width

    300 px Max Height

    Large size

    1024 px Large size Max Width

    1024 px Max Height

    with both options under resize loaded image NOT checked.

    Ok so now the problem is I uploaded a large image into a post. In media it says its dimensions are 1050 × 723 . It AUTOMATICALLY resizes to 300 by 300 with NO option ( its greyed out so I cant select it as an option) to increase its size to say 110 % or higher – it only allows me to lower its size. THIS IS STRANGE because I have tons of images that are this size and they have always uploaded to my posts large not automatically shrunk with no options of increasing ? How can I fix this ? and it does not even allow me anymore to hold my mouse down over an image in my posts and drag it to position it ? it changes my arrow to a circle with a slash meaning that’s not an option , so this makes me have to delete and re-upload over and over until I find a position I like next to a set of text?????



    any suggestions?



    actually I just discovered that extremely large images shrink to about 300 by 300 with no options of increasing size only options for shrinking, but other fairly sized large images allow me to increase or decrease the size? Is there a limit to where I loose control over the image if it is to large ?


    Kenneth John Odle

    any suggestions?

    Are you using any plugins that affect images? Try disabling plugins, clearing your browser and servers caches, and trying to upload a picture again.

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