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    Hey everyone. I am pretty new to this – only did a couple of sites. I have a site that I am playing with at . It is not published to our audience yet – hence the site folder. For some reason, the Instructor page shows only the first image for all of the child pages, but those pages all have individual photos. I saw other sites on this forum and they seem to be working fine.

    Thanks – love the theme but this one issue is driving me nuts.

    Would also love to hear comments/opinions.



    I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are wanting to accomplish.

    The image being displayed on each child page (while viewing the parent, instructor page) is either taken from the featured image setting, or from the first photo in the post.

    This child pages (while viewing the parent page) are basically excerpts from the actual child page with the rest of the content.



    Thanks Josh. It’s kind of strange. I updated the version and it worked – mostly. The first image pulled the header in no matter what I did, so I re-created the image. But now, the title of the child pages repeats itself. To test it I put a 2 in front of the page name and the 2 also repeated itself (thinking it was pulling from somewhere else)., I am using Firefox and when I checked it in IE it worked fine, but the menu buttons don’t work right.

    Also, I cannot figure out what criteria the site is using for the sidebar. It is pulling two different categories and also adding posts to the front page. I’m ok with the posts on the front page, just want to know how to control what goes there. Any suggestions?

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