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    When I insert an image into my post, regardless of the settings I choose, it does not extend beyond the borders of the content pane. That is fine (desirable even). My issue is that when the user clicks on the image to view it alone, the image shown is not the full size image but is, in fact, the same size as what is displayed in the post. This means that images with important detail cannot be properly viewed.

    I have fiddled around with the CSS a bit but cannot seem to find a fix for this. I’d love for this to be addressed in a future release, but for now I would be extremely happy if someone could just tell me what to edit to fix it. Thanks!


    Example post: Any EXCEPT For that one I linked to the image elsewhere on the web because it needs to be readable.



    This is not a theme related issue. Deactivate Photon module in JetPack plugin and re-upload the image to that post.



    Gah! Thanks. I installed a plugin to stop Jetpack from turning modules on automatically, but unfortunately I didn’t find that plugin till after I installed Jetpack. I’ve had to do some Jetpack cleanup, but it didn’t occur to me that this would be one of those issues. VERY MUCH appreciate the help.

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