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    Hi all,

    firstly a huge thanks to all the guys involved in creating Graphene and keeping this blog alive!! I am a total newby in site development. Nonetheless with Graphene I was able to grasp the basics in literately no time.

    So, now to the question.

    I am creating a normal website and I want my slider to display a series of images. However, I am stuck cause I cannot figure out how to change the padding of the image inside the slider. What I have done is to link the slider to posts, each containing just an image. However an annoying thick white border keeps on appearing on the top of my slider image. I have made sure that my image height is identical to that set for the slider via the graphene options. So this top white border should not be there.

    How do I get rid of this border or alternatively how do I change the background colour of my post (without having to set it to be the same to that of the main content)?

    I suppose that I cannot provide a link to my work cause I am still locally… But any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks again,




    Link to your site?



    Hi Prasanna,

    I am working on localhost.. OK. I will try to find a host and then I will post a link to this post.

    Thanks for the reply



    Skipped slider. Will try another layout without it. I am sure I could make it to work with your help but I dont really need that anymore 🙂

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