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  • billm75


    I love this theme, and use it on a few sites I run. However, I installed it on a new site this past week and all was fine for the first 2 posts. Now, the last two posts, it will not use the first image in the post to display in the slider.

    I disabled all plugins, and even re-installed the theme to make sure I didn’t screw anything up, but still no luck. If I manually enter a URL, it will show the images, but that’s not real convenient for what I’m doing.

    Any advice? Site’s still being worked on, but is 100% functional.



    Ok, I was playing with this a bit and found that if I manually publish the pages, it works fine. However, if I schedule the posts in advance, when the scheduled time comes around, the post is created, but the image won’t show up in either the slider or the post summary. It’s there when you click on the post title, however, so I know it’s not an image issue.

    Any ideas?


    Syahir Hakim


    Is the image uploaded using the Edit Post screen, or is it located somewhere else?



    What I’ve found out so far is this:

    If I add a new post, then upload an image to insert in that post, everything is fine. However, if I upload, say, 5 images at one time to get them in my media library, then add a new post, and insert an image from the media library, the image will not show up in the slider no matter what. If I go back, delete the image from the post, then upload the same image to insert in the post, it shows.

    Seems to be an issue with pulling images from the media library to insert in new posts. I hope that makes sense.


    Syahir Hakim


    Yep, the theme only uses the image that is uploaded using the Edit Post screen for that particular post. In other words, it has to be in the post’s “Gallery”. If you want to use an image from the Media Library, set it as the Featured Image instead.



    Great, thanks for the info. I really love this theme, it’s got so many of the features I need without having to track down multiple plugins and pieces.

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