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    Bonjour Monsieur,

    Je souhaite utiliser votre thème pour mon blog mais je ne parviens pas à avoir une image d’en-tête de bonne qualité. J’ai tenté tous les formats (jpeg, tif, png,…) mais sans succès…Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre aide. Très Cordialement, laurent HABRARD.

    Hello Sir,

    I wish to use your theme for my blog but I do not succeed in having an image of good quality header. I tried all the sizes(formats) (JPEG, tif, png) but unsuccessfully… I thank you for your help(assistant) a lot. Very Kind regards, laurent HABRARD.

    Marvelous Mommy


    I had the same problem.


    Syahir Hakim


    I’m not quite sure what you mean by “good quality header”. It’s just an image file, so if there’s any problem it lies with the image file and not the theme.

    FYI, the header size is 900 x 198 pixels, so make sure you header image file has at least this dimension.

    Marvelous Mommy


    I think it may be a browser issue. It’s only blurry in Firefox (which is what I mainly use) but looks crisp in other browsers. It doesn’t bother me anymore, it’s really not much different.

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