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    I’m new to this theme and WP – so please be gentle with me.

    I’m also no programmer either so simple instructions would be helpful.

    OK – I love this theme but have a couple of minor niggles, mainly to do with the way images are displayed.

    Firstly they all have a grey border round theme which I’d like to remove.

    I’ve tried removing them in the image settings when they are loaded on the page/post and have all been set to 0 – however something somewhere is over-riding that setting.

    Any clues…??

    Also I would like to add different images to each sub page from the main one – at present it just shows the same image. I’ve set each sub page with using the “featured image” setting but that makes no difference.

    Apologies not to be able to point you to the site but its still in dev at the moment.





    I’m having the same problem. I thought it was me! Of course it could be both of us. There was another thread that addressed not showing the page preview, but didn’t mention the border.

    I just added a class and removed the border in the child theme. My problem now is that floated images don’t wrap with the subsequent paragraph as well.




    Thanks Syahir – installed Firebug and found the relevant line in the style.css

    That about as much coding as I can cope with!

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