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  • yogot7r


    I wrote a new post today and for some reason after i published it the image didnt appear in the slider or on the post exerpt on the home page. In graphene options i have it set to use the first image in post and all the previous posts that i wrote i had no problem. What could it be?



    Why is it that I have a pic of a camera with a clock on my images in my slider and under the categories of presenters I have two pictures and the clock image. This is a business site and it looks nasty. Is there any way for me to fix this?

    Please check the site out to see what I mean.

    I would love to get this fixed and have the theme play nice with Wishlist Plugin which is a membership plugin.

    Thanks, Kayb


    Kenneth John Odle


    @yogot7r: It appears that you have issues with your permalinks. See this post in the codex to see allowed tags:

    @kayb: I don’t see this problem anywhere on your site. Please do not hijack current threads; feel free to start a new thread for a new issue. (Also, you have it spelt DCMA in your footer, but DMCA on your page.)




    Try going to the post edit screen, and below the editor, select “first image in post” under slider image. What happens then?


    Please don’t hijack someone else’s thread. We encourage you to begin a new thread for each separate issue. This helps keep everything clean and organized in the forum, while also providing you with better help. I checked your site and I don’t see any “clock” images. Please provide a URL, along with a description of what is going on (in a new thread).




    I also have a pic of a camera with a clock on my images in my slider.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Probably a plugin causing that image to appear. It is not a Graphene image.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Looks like the “Smart You Tube” plugin. Try disabling it.



    yeah i already selected the first image in post in the post edit screen. usually i just leave it as use global settings and it works. i dont know what else to do.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Question: why are you using a plugin for youtube videos? WordPress supports them natively.



    So I just made another post and it did the same thing, just thought I would let you know. thanks again for your help

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