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  • KingSwiff


    Hi there.

    If I’m showing a bit of the last posts on frontpage, and I would like the first image in post to be shown automatically with the start of the text and the read more button. Any post will Always start with an image i upper left corner.

    Is that possible in any way?




    Hi there KingSwiff,

    If I’ve understood you correctly, I think you might want to set up Homepage Panes. Homepage Panes allow the latest posts to show on the front page of your website, with an excerpt and an image from the post.

    Prasanna, one of the moderators of this forum, has a wonderful tutorial that you can follow to set them up. You can find it here. There’s a lot of threads on this forum about Homepage Panes that you can refer to if you want to make any customisations to layout, colour, etc.

    I’d also recommend setting up a child theme for Graphene, if you haven’t already. Prasanna has a tutorial that you can follow to do that as well, which you can find here. Setting up a child theme allows you to customise the homepage panes, and other aspects of your site, so that when Graphene is updated, you won’t lose any customisations you’ve made.

    Hope that’s what you are after?

    Sharon 🙂



    Hi Sharon.

    Yes thank you, I have already a child theme – I sat it up, when I understood what it was 🙂

    And thanks for your suggestion about Homepage Panes, but that is not, what I’m looking. I have spent a lot of time to make the look of the site, I have now. All kind of small details have been made, and when I follow the tutorial, I loose my slider and the way the posts are shown on frontpage – and more important, the images still are not shown automatically.

    The only change I’m looking for is that images on post excerpts are shown automatically on the frontpage.

    My problem is, that users can make posts in frotend by a plugin, AccessPress Anonymous Post, and when posts contain an image, I can’t make a thumbnail be course the image don’t end up in the media library.

    I hope this make sense?

    Thank you 🙂



    Hmmm, ok. First of all, sorry for the delayed response. To be honest, I use Homepage Panes and I’m reasonably confident with most elements of those so getting images on the front page posts excerpts without using them is out of my comfort zone……

    I think all you have to do is set a featured image and the theme will pull that into the post excerpt. See point six on [url=]this post.[/url] You may need to modify the CSS to ensure desired placement, size etc.

    The good news is that the AccessPress Anonymous Post Plugin you’re using has an option for logged in users to set a featured image so they should probably show up on the post excerpts as well…… Theoretically, at least….

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