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  • sylvia


    I want to be able to put multiple images in a post….instead of just uploading one after another and making the post really long. Anyone recommend a good plugin to accomplish a gallery view or something along those lines?




    Oh gosh… there are TONS of these.

    I use WP Photo Albums Plus:

    It has a great developer, great support and features, and is really useful for my needs.

    You could also do a search for “image gallery” on the wordpress repository. Here is a quick search with those terms:


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can also use WP’s built in Image Gallery function. It’s even easier now that WP has drag and drop method to add images.

    Syahir’s example (with beautiful images all with a nature theme) is here:

    My example (with mismatched images just grabbed off my desktop) is here:

    Simple, easy, and no additional plugins (and therefore no potential for plugin conflicts) needed!



    Thanks Josh….I did a search earlier….but I’m always curious as to what others are using and happy with….I will definitely check out WP Photo Albums Plus.

    Thanks again!



    Ken, thank you as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    @ Soapy,

    I agree. I’ve found it’s fun doing the same thing. I often ask people for a list of their plugins while troubleshooting a problem. Then, I’ll go back and look at the ones that look interesting.

    I’ve been thinking about creating a site where people can rate, share, and blog about their favorite plugins. Maybe create forms where they can say what they like about it, how long they’ve been using it, etc…

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