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  • EbbyWolf



    I am having an issue with centering images on my website

    When I choose to have the image centered, it will not center, but there are no issues with right or left alignment.

    The only way I can get my image to center is by putting it in <p> tags.

    What can I do with the CSS so that I can just tell the image to center align as normal like it should be. Is there something I can change in the stylesheet or something to add to the custom CSS.

    Center alignment used to work, the only thing I did regarding images was add the following to remove borders on the custom css options

    .entry-content img{
    border:0px !important;
    margin:5px !important;

    Thank yo u


    Kenneth John Odle


    There is no float:center, so the only way to center a block-level element is to set the left and right margins to auto. You are over-riding that with your code. Try changing it to margin-top and margin-right.

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