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  • FitnessCoach


    Hello, I tried searching the forum for a solution

    and tried it but it didn’t work.

    How can I remove the image border on an image I have

    on my site?

    Great theme btw!

    Here’s the image I’m talking about. It’s at the bottom

    of the post. By the opt in form.

    Thank you so much!



    Add this in your child theme CSS:

    .entry-content img, .child-page img {
    border: 0px solid #FFF;



    Yep, that did it. Thanks bud.


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you want to remove the border from a single image, you can define that as a class in your child theme (.noborder for example) and then edit the image, go to advanced settings, and enter that class (no period) in the “css class” box.

    Using this method, you can define a number of different image treatments (different colors of borders, for instance) that you can then use with any image.

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