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    Since the old topic is closed I have to open a new one… I saw that Kenneth answered that it was possible to remove the border from only one image by using the code. The problem is that I do not know exactly where I should enter the code and which code.

    By the way, the border I want to remove is from the contact page (butterfly image).

    I also would like to know where I can modify the type of borders from my post images.

    I am using a child theme (made by Kenneth) and my website is:

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    Add the below code to child-theme style.css or in Graphene Options –> Display –> Custom CSS. This will remove border around butterfly image on contact page only.

    #post-291 .entry-content img {
    border: none;

    Kenneth John Odle


    You can also apply a custom class to an image when you upload it, allowing you to target only specific images even within the same post.



    Thank you both very much for your help! Problem resolved!

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