I'm confused about the Graphene documentation

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    I’m new to WordPress and new to Graphene, so I’m looking through the http://docs.graphene-theme.com/ pages… right away I’m confused at the “Basic configuration” section… I see no menu selection for either of “General options page” or “Display options page” and nothing like these in Settings / General or anywhere else… Did my installation go screwy? I double-checked what them is active and it is Graphene Mobile Neo. Maybe the documentation is out of date?

    Appreciate your help,




    Found it under Appearance “GM Neo Options”



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Saroj,

    Those documentation are for the Graphene theme, not for the Graphene Mobile Neo theme. Also, Graphene Mobile Neo theme should not be activated. Please refer to the installation instructions here:




    So if I understand correctly, I need BOTH Graphene and Graphene Mobile Neo to have a responsive theme? For some reason I thought there was Graphene for computer access, Graphene Mobile for Mobile access and Graphene Mobile NEO for both like a normal responsive theme…

    So if I simply activate another theme (which will deactivate Graphene Mobile Neo), is that sufficient or is there more to do to get it right?

    This is a new site without much done to it so I could start all over if that is what is needed.

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