IE8 Graphene & WP Fossil cause problems with CSS

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    I registered only to leave this feedback about using WP Fossil plugin with Graphene theme (well, it could be the same with other themes, but I didn’t make tests for that) on a IE8 browser: the css stylesheets are loaded correctly, for about 1-2 seconds the page is showing correctly but then it reverts to a version without any customization (eg no custom colors, no custom css, no child theme’s css).

    I tried removing each plugin, one by one, and when I removed WP Fossil (that I thought could help with css3), everything worked fine.

    It’s not really a request for a fix or anything, just a note that could be of help to future users with the same problem; and I -really- hope none will ever use IE8 in the future anymore, I have to do that because I’ve been expressely requested to do so 🙁

    Thank you for the attention, and keep up the very good work!



    Kenneth John Odle


    This isn’t really a bug, but noted for future reference.

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