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  • Jon Lynch



    I am struggling with the background gradient in IE8 (no problems in other browsers). Even disabling the backgound gradient image leaves me with a solid (whiteish) background and not the proper graphene background which appears underneath.

    site here

    Any help greatfully accepted.




    Syahir Hakim


    I’ve checked with the default Graphene theme, and the problem doesn’t occur. Probably an element on the homepage is messing up with IE8 (in)ability to render transparent PNGs.

    How do you disable the background gradient image, via CSS background: none?

    Jon Lynch


    Thank you very much for having a look.

    I think it is being caused by something in my functions.php, an older version I have does not cause it. So now to work through but I haven’t got a clue what I’m looking for that could be causing this.

    Thanks again


    Jon Lynch


    It was a jQuery problem. Solved it by loading Google’s version 1.3.2



    Syahir Hakim


    You might want to be careful with what version of jQuery you’re loading, as a lot of scripts and plugins depend on it. Using other than the standard WordPress-bundled jQuery (vresion 1.6.1, I believe?) may present compatibility issues somewhere.

    But if all looks fine, then why not 🙂

    Jon Lynch


    I hadn’t realised the default was 1.6.1. Searching I found this which talks about strange background behaviour in IE8. I have now set my site to load 1.6.2 which I think only has a few bug fixes from 1.6.1 and hopefully will not cause any problems.


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