Ideas for a searchable list in sidebar?

  • lunerunit


    I’m using the graphene theme for a sporting goods store and I’d like to add a search box for the brands that we carry (its still in the beta phase, and I haven’t gone live yet). My manager suggested a searchable list, but I’m not quite sure what she means. We carry hundreds, if not thousands, of brands and I don’t want to display them all in a list. Maybe if I could just display some of the top brands but have a search box so customers could search for the brands they want. (We are not an online store.)

    I’m just looking for ideas here. Any suggestions? A plug-in that might work?

    Here’s the site:

    Again, I love the graphene theme! Can’t rave enough about it.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Graphene already includes a search box, which is in the top bar.

    WordPress also includes a search widget that you can add to a widget area.

    What she might have in mind is to have a list of categories (one category per brand) each of which links to a landing page for that brand.

    But if you literally carry thousands of brands, maybe you would want to do this by type of product, rather than brand.

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