I'd like one of the header dropdowns to only work for logged-in users

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    I’m building a website that has a member’s area. One of the two drop-down menus in the header navigation contains a public area’s subpages. The other one has the Member’s Area subpages*, and I’d prefer to either disable that one from dropping down unless the user is logged in, or make the relevant subpages so they don’t appear in header navigation at all.

    Does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this? I probably won’t be the person maintaining the site, so the result probably shouldn’t involve any direct modifications to the Graphene code unless done in a child theme.

    *(One thing I should probably mention is that the Member’s Area page and subpages are barrier’d off from users who aren’t logged in with Andy Stratton and Matt Martz’s Page Restrict plugin, so people will have to log in if they access the subpages anyway.)



    Does the “Page Restrict” plugin have any options for disabling WP nav menu items which are used for members?

    I would imagine this should be handled by the plugin, rather than the theme.

    The Graphene theme is using standard WP guidelines on menu navigation. The plugin should be able to “tie” into this, and prevent restricted pages from appearing in the nav menu.

    This really isn’t something for the forum here. Besides, you would need to “tie into” that plugin anyway… to determine whether or not the user has access.




    Thanks for the advice. One of the reasons I posted here was because the Page Restrict plugin didn’t have any options for disabling menu items, but if Graphene did I could write code to bridge the two.

    Anyway, I found a completely alternate solution to the problem— so, thanks anyway.


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    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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